Creators will take away your job — by Riten Debnath
Creators will take away your job —

Creators will take away your job | #DailyBlink99

None but may be a creator will take your job away very soon.

😅 Lol, what’s the reason?

Creators will have proof of work. They can prove that they know better than anybody else by being able to showcase their work.

Proof of works is going to change the way we identify someone.

Soon, the brands are less likely to spend money on educating you when you are not in charge of educating yourself through experiences.

🤔 Okay, but how?

Days are gone when companies hire you to train you. This means giving you salary to learn. Imagine, if they are able to find someone who has proven themselves.

But how?

They can do this by showing their work instead of claiming it on a piece of paper with some buzzwords.

This is where the world is heading now.

Whatever industry you are working in, you can create content and build your identity around it.

💰 Personal Economy

The future is going to be about building economies around yourself.

So when you start creating content and start providing value, you are already building an influence for yourself. Having influence there are multiple ways you can bring value to any brand when you work with them.

Here are the different products that are catering to the creator economy.

Different platforms for creators. Source
Six Promising Monetization Methods, Beyond Ads. Source

🧠 Conclusion

Although creators will take your job, there will be too many jobs that will be created in this space. All you need is to be savvy enough and be very intentional about your social media consumption.

Some references on creator economy that will add massive value to you:

Passion Economy Stack
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