Simple hack for growing your network on Social Media | #DailyBlink51

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Let’s just start with two simple question?

  1. Why would anybody connect with you?
  2. Why do you follow or connect with someone over social networks?

2// I will start by answering the second question first.

So you were scrolling through your feed and suddenly you found somebody who is sharing their views, something which is relevant to your interest.

You jumped into their profile looking for more.

You found them interesting going through what they have shared over the course of time and it was quite interesting.

Their timeline was full of value.

Voila! you clicked that “follow” button and that’s it.

1// Now let's go to the first question.

Do I have to explain?

Ok, let me explain this.

In the first case, the way you followed someone over the social network is the same way when someone will follow you and that’s how you grow your network when you have people connecting from different parts of the world for the same interest.

Gosh! The Internet has just changed the definition of possibility. No doubt it has been considered as the finest invention of human beings.

So can we conclude that you can grow your network sitting right from your desk?

Yes definitely you can but never replace it with the real one.

Well here’s I believe:

Even though we can grow digitally to a massive number of people but it cannot replace the true essence of meeting someone in real.

I literally enjoy the magic in the eyes of a person speaking about their interest and passion.

So what can you share online to grow your network?

Hereby I’m listing up a few things that could help you plan your course/

Start by preparing a weekly content calendar.

Why weekly?

Start small so that you can stay consistent. Consistency is grossly underrated. People fail due to inconsistency and lack of disciple to execute.

Because, after a while, everything becomes monotonous, boring, you will feel like losing motivation. If it was just the motivation that was pushing you and holding you than you are more likely to fail because you don’t have a perfect reason to chase your goals. First, you need to have that concrete reason to take a stand for your goals.

So, for seven days you can start by sharing things like:

  1. Articles related to your domain
  2. Videos relevant to your domain
  3. “Interesting person you can follow” list
  4. Sharing self-published articles on medium or any recognized column.
  5. Your views on certain happenings, the world wants to know about your take on the happening.
  6. Meme, funny videos [Yes entertainment is important but just don’t get carried away]
  7. Collaborations with other people in your domain
  8. Podcast that you listen to, compilation, special mention. [Yes, we are having that hockey stick growth for podcast]
  9. Thoughts regarding your works and how you deal with it.
  10. Links for the online courses [Free/Paid, if paid then why is it worth paying for]
  11. Regular engagement with other people [liking, sharing, expressing your views, DMs]

The list might go on and on but the point is you have to remember four important things while starting out:

A. Stay Consistent for a long period of time.

B. Ignore the vanity metrics for the first six months or one year depending upon the value you are providing. Because the vanity metrics will be mostly from your first circle of influence where most of the people will know you personally, and once you start providing enough value, you will enter into the second circle of influence where a majority of the people will be unknown to you and that’s when your works will be validated without any prejudice. Deploy patience, because it's not easy.

C. Think Altruism. Altruism means “disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others”. Just think of providing VALUE to others. That’s it. Period.

D. Courage. Don’t step back to make mistakes infact new mistakes. The mistake that makes you a little braver person. Because at the end of the day, you could have become the person you wanted to if you had taken that step a year ago without thinking about what others will react to your initiative. [Most realize this at the later stage of their life. Please try to take advantage of your privledges].

Case studies of the people whom you can learn from:

//I will updating this list with time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it helpful. Say Hi 👋 Twitter Instagram. I’d love to connect.

Your Friend,

Tech • Design • Stories | Building FuelerHQ. Writing drafts on everyday learnings from building a startup in India.

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Riten Debnath

Riten Debnath

Tech • Design • Stories | Building FuelerHQ. Writing drafts on everyday learnings from building a startup in India.

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