What Kunal Bahl says about building a startup in India | #DailyBlink41


After two years of Snapdeal 2.0

  1. Real revenue and good economics is not front-page news, but it sure beats constant fundraising and not being in control of your destiny.
  2. Private companies need to get value obsessed not valuation obsessed
  3. Private market investors are usually ok with replacing the value with valuation, given their downside is protected by the preference shares that they hold.
  4. The three important pillars viz. growth, sound economics, and good user experience are equally important.

Here is what Bahl and his team learnt about building a business:

  • Focus Focus Focus. Build one high quality business before doing too many new things
  • One successful business helps build others, but in a sequence, not in parallel
  • Clear communication to the team is the best antidote to anxiety
  • Consistent execution gets better results than spiky achievements
  • Aim to drive improvements every day, the step functions will happen
  • Keeping costs low is everyday work, not a periodic initiative
  • Nothing that sells at a loss can be finally good for business. The business will run into a wall eventually

Another article on various principles you should keep in mind while building startup in India.

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Riten Debnath

Riten Debnath

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