Where do you derive your happiness from? | DailyBlink14


I remember while working with brands, the best part was getting exposure to give shape to our ideas for different brands in different segments. It was the time for us when you literally get to try & sweat out your intellect & passion with real-life applications. In simple terms, we had to prove ourselves with the kind of value we are trying to build.

Even though we haven’t got paid for the works since it was an initiative from our end more from their end. But it was sure we were learning a lot from scratch and actually implementing our idea on real business. It allowed us exposure to work with real products. And the great part was getting positive feedback for our works. It was no less than an achievement and more than happiness for us because the odds were much high in case if it doesn’t go through everytime.

But one thing we knew for sure that we have to keep looking for silver linings whatever the situation is.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this helpful. Say Hi 👋 Twitter Instagram. I’d love to connect.

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