Why is it the best time for us to build KiwisMedia | #DailyBlink70

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The coronavirus pandemic has overturned most aspects of daily life, not least the way we work but almost we have been doing in our life.⁠

For many, it has brought with it a period of great uncertainty and possible job insecurity for a lot of individuals around the globe

Companies have become conscious about spending especially while hiring talents. They will look for optimized ways to attract talent to their organization without having to spend much.

The above condition will be followed by the situation when companies will be spending less on training and development of the new employees as it involves surplus spending on hiring quality trainers and expertise.

Why KiwisMedia?

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KiwisMedia is a portfolio based social networking platform for the doers. We come across students having worked and built different projects but are unable to present it to their employer at the time of judgment day.

Why Timeline?

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Having a single timeline to represent all the information regarding their activities online allows to showcase their skillset and work with social proof.

With decreasing attention span, we have made it easier for someone to know about others by exploring their works and further encouraging them to build their own project.

TLDR: An individual inspired by a successful person can find their profile here and by going through their timeline, it can become guidelines to them work on their dream. As most of the students lack drive and inspiration to lead their life ahead.

The timeline will represent the journey of an individual throughout their career. An individual who wants to build the credibility of their identity.

An based on the timeline, one can apply for different companies and startups operating in any city.

What is the role of KiwisMedia Marketplace?

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On surveying, a single common thing that we have figured that an individual in their school and college days are unaware of the different companies and startups around them.

We have grown up in such a way that we have been told to opt for “JOBs” right after the completion of education. We are never advised to explore the different companies and startups operating in a particular area which will allow them to understand and decide their career on the basis of what they like to do and not on the basis of what they are told to do.

Having a diverse pool of options in exploring companies from different industries will allow someone to explore companies, know about their product, operations, and other aspects of it.

Universe to choose from | Update May 2020

Entrepreneurship through KiwisMedia?

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Whatever we build for our customers, our central idea will be always to promote entrepreneurship in society. Problems in the society can only be solved by the risk-takers who are willing the challenge the traditional norms and introducing a commodity with passion and resilience.

A large portion of the generation(college graduate living in tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 cities) is not aware of the different options they have before them with the equipped skillset.

It’s no surprise that most of the student can see only Medical & Engineering as a stable and affordable career option as it offers job security and diverse career opportunities along with it depends on a number of factors such:

  1. Family Pressure
  2. Social example
  3. Social Status
  4. Peers Pressure

Apart from the above career options, most are less celebrated and hence less chosen options. A career in aviation, scientific research & developments seems to be unaffordable in most cases they are not easy to pursue due to its hardworking nature of preparation. Most are not priveledges with these elite opportunities as the majority of the graduating students only look for job security in the form of a stable source of income and social status associated with it. This is the basic right to everyone and nothing wrong in that as at the end of we all need food, shelter, cloth to run our lives.

Awareness is the key

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We can increase awareness through our platform regarding the different types of companies and startups operating in a different cities of the country, I’m sure a lot of the graduates can look forward to learning about successful companies and can become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

We believe hyperlocal is going to be the future and local companies will understand the value of standardization of brands.

The Better India does an incredible job in bringing out stories from different parts of the country to the world in the simplest form so that anybody can read and learn about it.

As a team, we seek inspiration from The Better India in making collective efforts to make a difference in the world one story at a time. Need more such initiatives like them to spread much positivity all around.

Distribution Model

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India is a country where distribution is a godly thing. You might have come across products that are of not so great quality compared to the one you see on the internet.

Reason: It is because of the well-distributed model around the product.

Ecommerce brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra are some an easy example of the modern distribution model.

Considering a lifecycle of a product from starting from the manufacturing hub to the customer

Earlier without E-commerce platforms:

Seller -> Distributor -> Retail -> Customer

With E-commerce Platforms:

Platform -> Seller -> Logistics -> Customer

With jobs being affected in this pandemic and reducing employment opportunities. Companies will be seeking employees that are trained and are easily coachable. Hence our focus is on helping the graduates to create and document more about their works and building their personal identity so that their credibility is based on their skillset and applied knowledge which they can stand for.

The lockdown will allow us to reach graduates and help them realize the importance of building products, internships, and upskilling with the latest skillset.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it helpful. Say Hi 👋 Twitter Instagram. I’d love to connect.

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